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Resident guest micFreak
Resident guest Ralph X
Resident guest Amanda Darling
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The world's greatest electronic dance music, mixed by Osburn
With resident guests MYXR, micFreak, Ralph X, and Amanda Darling
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Episode #513 - Thought Control

You know, actually, we DO need education. Ayyyyy... enjoy this new mix, a few really good brand new tracks in here, and some classics with it.

1. DJ ST Thomas - Fodder

2. 4Poles - Strobe

3. Fury Weekend - Another Brick In The Wall

4. Mindex - Mr. Fatty Fat

5. Kj Sawka - Right Movement (VIP)

6. DJ Party-Zan - Boozy Funk

7. Cary Crank - The Flame (F3 Wuuu Wuuu Remix)

8. Leo N - Arcane

9. Dirty Doering - Mutation

10. Danny Darko - Last To Fall Down

11. Shal OM - Gravity

12. 8 Bit Cypher - Stop The Bleeding

13. D.V.K. - Ah Yeah!

14. DJ Over Look - Gozar

15. DJ Shindy & Shadw - Keep On Rockin'

16. Rildrim - Sedative Streams

NT 513 Guest Mix by Amanda Darling

Another fantastic two-parter from Amanda Darling, here's part 1!

Episode 500 (Promo Mix! New listeners start here.)

This incredible two hour mix celebrates nearly ten years of the worlds greatest electronic dance music, mixed by 0sburn. Every single track in this mix is one of the greatest songs ever produced! Thank you all so much for ten years!!! Playlist on our playlists page!