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Resident guest Amanda Darling
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The world's greatest electronic dance music, mixed by Osburn
With resident guests MYXR, micFreak, Ralph X, and Amanda Darling
Airs every Sunday night at 10pm on KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, CA (PST)
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Episode #522 - The End Is Nigh

Sorry for the delay on updating the site, had to take a month off from everything, you know how it is... Back until the end now, and The End Is Nigh! Two more months to go on KUCI then we will be switching to a monthly, podcast-only show (for now ;]), LETS FINISH OFF STRONG AND STAY TUNED. This episode is great and has a bunch of good new music mixed in with some old classics, enjoy!! =]

1. Mutehead - I'd Like One

2. Tinlicker - Close Your Eyes

3. Mutehead - Street Flava

4. FreakyBro - Entrance

5. Moby - 257. Zero

6. LADS - Hagel (Huminal Remix)

7. Raphy Beltre - Contact Control Centel

8. Protoculture - Halo

9. Tinlicker - Motor

10. Tinlicker - Overdag

11. Mutehead - Indiem

Episode 500 (Promo Mix! New listeners start here.)

This incredible two hour mix celebrates nearly ten years of the worlds greatest electronic dance music, mixed by 0sburn. Every single track in this mix is one of the greatest songs ever produced! Thank you all so much for ten years!!! Playlist on our playlists page!